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Frequently Asked Questions:

■ If I have multiple comment boxes, does one Premium cover them all?

Yes, one Premium subscription covers all the Comment boxes on the same Wix site.

■ Deleting comments (Premium-feature)

In order to delete comments, click the "Manage Your Comments" button in the Settings Window of the app. Then click the trash can icon next to the comment that you want to remove.

■ Can I approve new comments before they go live?

Yes, this is possible for Premium users. Enable Email Notifications and then you will see this option.

■ Can I reply directly to user comments?

Yes, just click the "Reply" link next to the relevant comment.

■ How can I put the comment Box under every blog post?

Open the "Single post" page in the Wix editor and add the Comment box there. The comment box will automatically be inserted for all the blog posts on your Wix site.

■ I upgraded, but I don't see the new features. What can I do?

You may need to refresh or close and re-open the Wix editor for the Premium status to update.

■ Can the facebook/twitter/google+ buttons be removed?

Yes, check out the New Features tab in the app's Settings window.

■ Privacy Policy & Terms of Use

Our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use are available here:

■ Have other questions?

Please contact us at Thank you!