My feeling about work is it's much more about the experience of doing it!!!
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“Every era has its defining moments. Every generation has its icons and heroes whose great inventions capture hearts and minds with their cultural contributions." "Tim Bergling (1989 – 2018) was one of those bright, shining stars who impacted the world with the music he gave us. Through his music he shared his joy, his pain, his passion and in a short time I would see the tremendous impact our collaboration would have on the world, and it would change my life forever. Thank you, Tim.” My name is Oscar Rodriguez R., born March 30, 1992. Every decision that you make has consequences, are you making yourself better or are you making yourself worse? Are you moving forward or are you moving back? Are you making progress, or are you stagnating? Every little decision you make counts. Most people go through life avoiding pain, and when you go through life like that, something in you dies. Something in you that you never activate, lying dormant in there that you never get a chance to call on because you don't have to challenge yourself. Because so many times people tend to devalue the moment, today. What they do is they value the destination and so, they talk about, "well, when I get there, or if I arrive there, or when I do that, or when I accomplish this". They do not understand that success is a daily thing, and I am here to share with you that the secret of success is determined by your daily agenda. You need to be consistent every day persistently without quite enjoying that pursuit. Why consistency, consistency is the most important thing, because consistency elevates your awareness, what is the lesson? Do not let me at your point of entry, consistently, persistently pursue your potential and enjoy it. That is all I did. Trust me, you have a mindset right now, just like I have a mindset. It is how we view life. I know people with a negative mindset, who view everything negatively. I know people with a positive mindset, which means they view everything positively. People with an abundance mindset with a scarcity mindset. It is a way of thinking. The question is, how did we get there? How did we get that mindset through practice and habits, you see the things I do today determine the habits I have tomorrow? What determines the mindset that I have for life? So, go back to what you do daily and ask yourself, what kind of mindset am I developing today? A new discipline immediately alters your life direction. Do not change destinations immediately. That is yet to come, but you can change direction immediately. And direction is especially important. Discipline cooperates with nature. Everything is striving, It is a common life function. How tall will a tree grow? As tall as it can be. Everything is striving to become all it can be. And what striving to become is what discipline is all about. You are the leader of your life. Choose the hard path. The path of responsibility, challenging work and sacrificing the path of discipline, humility and ownership, that leads to freedom. Make discipline part of your daily life, and your daily life will get better. Disciplining ourselves to fulfill our natural potential to become all that we can be. And finally, discipline attracts opportunity. Opportunity is always looking for ambition and skill in action, Discipline taps the unlimited power of commitment. The human will in action driven by inspiration, enticed by desire, tempered by reason, guided by intelligence can bring you to that high and lofty place called the good life. Thank you for reading, and you all have a great journey!!! ...

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