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Design Assets

& Guidelines

How to use Wix's brand resources

Our Logo

Sometimes our logo is accompanied by our beloved mascot. He keeps his hands in the air “like he just don’t care.” But really he does care - please leave his body and limbs intact.


​We like to keep our Wix brand feeling happy, playful and friendly by using the following color palette. 

Feel free to copy the HEX codes - you can also download the entire color swatch below.

Our Colors

Wix Blue

HEX: #3899EC

RGB: 56/153/236

CMYK: 71/32/0/0

HEX: #FFC233

RGB: 255/194/51

CMYK: 0/27/84/0  

Wix Yellow


RGB: 170/77/200

CMYK: 55/75/0/0 

Wix Purple

HEX: #60BC57

RGB: 96/188/87

CMYK: 64/0/81/0  

Wix Green

HEX: #FB7D33

RGB: 251/125/51

CMYK: 0/61/81/0  

Wix Orange

Our Typeface

Our typface is Helvetica Neue in one of the following black hues.

A winning combo for maximum readability. Check out our styles and color codes that we use below.

HEX: #363636

RGB: 54/54/54

CMYK: 69/63/62/56

HEX: #555555

RGB: 85/85/85


HEX: #777777

RGB: 119/119/119

CMYK: 55/46/46/11

HEX: #929292

RGB: 146/146/146

CMYK: 45/37/38/2

​When visually referring to and site pages, please stick to these selections. You can download the entire stock of screenshots below to use in your write-ups, blog posts, and more.

Our Page Design

Our PR Images

Looking for some handsome Wix images? Feast your eyes on these!

Download our latest batch of curated photos and please use them in their natural state.

How to use Wix's brand resources


* All assets can be downloaded via desktop


Design Assets

& Guidelines

This is just a friendly reminder that all Wix images are proprietary and protected under intellectual laws, so please use them correctly.

Our Legal Dept.

Wix people.jpg
Wix Working space_01.jpg
Wix Working space_04.jpg
Wix Roof.JPG
Wix Working space_02.JPG
Wix Location.jpg
Wix Working space_03.jpg
The way the web was meant to be .jpg
Wix Editor_01.jpg
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