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All-in-one CRM
od vcita Inc.
14denní zkušební období

All-in-one CRM

od vcita Inc.
Access organized client cards from any device.
14denní zkušební období
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  • All-in-one CRM – přehled

        Automatically save website leads in your CRM
        Access client messages, documents, bookings and payments all from one place.
        Store client credit cards and charge online without the need for fancy hardware
        Communicate and engage with leads, and turn them into loyal clients.
    Manage your clients and all their information in one, easy to use location. Use this data to personalize your interactions with your clients and elevate your service offering. Capture leads directly from your website and assign them to certain staff members to monitor interactions from the admin view. Convert leads into paying and loyal customers with a friendly, self service portal that encourages engagement and offers an unparalleled experience. Not just a CRM: use vcita to manage your time, money, clients and marketing. Leverage vcita’s all-in-one business management app to get tedious tasks like scheduling appointments and collecting payments off your plate. Instead, focus on what’s important: growing your business. - Manage and organize clients’ information using a powerful CRM. - Say goodbye to no shows and last minute cancellations with automated online scheduling. - Get paid in full and on time with a variety of options for payment collection that work for your business. - Use marketing templates to market your business and get the word out about your services like a pro. - Wow your clients with their very own client portal, password protected and experience enhanced.
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