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od Kangu
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Kangu – přehled

    Several cheaper shipping options for your store
    Shipping up to 75% cheaper with Correios and multiple carriers
    100% free integration, no contract or minimum shipping required
    No line shipment drop off at the post office in more than 2.800 locations throughout Brazil
Now you can offer many shipping options directly at checkout for your customer! Kangu is a free shipping platform that gives you access to cheaper shipping methods with Correios and multiple carriers, with no contract or minimum shipment requirements. With over 40.000 retailers and 60 million shipments, we are able to negotiate better contracts for your business. More than 9 carrier options. Here’s how it works: the customer selects one of the shipping options provided by Kangu in your store; After the payment is confirmed, you generate and pay for the shipping label via Mercado Pago or another Kangu payment method; Lastly, you drop off the order at an accredited commercial point close to you, without having to make a line up or wasting your time. If you prefer, going to a Correios location is always an option. When your store is integrated with Kangu, it will have: - Pricing at checkout. There are multiple shipping options on the product page and checkout. - Shipment tracking. - Importing orders automatically from the system. No need to type everything manually.
Tato aplikace je dostupná pouze pro Brazílie.
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