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Online food orders by Grafterr
od IHybrid Limited
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Online food orders by Grafterr

od IHybrid Limited
Let your customers order food on your website
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Online food orders by Grafterr – přehled

    Add your menu, create meal deals and let customers add up-sell items
    Customers can place food & drink orders online for click & collect or delivery
    Update the order status, organize your orders and instantly update expected delivery or collection times
    Instantly sync online orders to your phone, tablet or computer
Are you a busy takeaway, restaurant or food business looking to take online orders? Let your customers place food & drink orders for click-and-collect or delivery directly on your own website with Grafterr's powerful online ordering platform. Easily add and customise your menu items using our interactive menu builder, create meal deals, add item modifiers and promotional upsell items. Manage all your orders using our online app or using a Grafterr ePOS terminal. Features include: 1. Click-and-collect or delivery orders 2. Easy to use menu builder 3. Offer discount codes and promotional deals 4. Set estimated delivery times, delivery radius & fees as well minimum order values 5. Customize your online ordering to match your brand & add product images 6. Let customers place pre-orders 7. Offer timeslots and limit the number of orders you can accept in a set time period
Tato aplikace je dostupná pouze pro Spojené království Velké Británie a Severního Irska.
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Plán Online ordering

Pay as you go

3.9% of the order value including card processing fees. No monthly or hidden fees.
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